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Alexanderplatz Art Collection of the Ministery of Environment and Nuclear Safety, Bonn.

Projects and Exhibitions

Diversity | video, 8:43 min; Space_BA421 Seoul
Planet B | Hanok greenhouse model, hairdryer, timer, switch, HEPA-filter, doll; Hanmi Gallery Seoul
Probable Words | Artist's book with poems generated with the next word suggestions of the Keyboard app
Eighteen Secret Golf Courses | Artist's book about censorship of maps in South Korea
Unnamed | Artist's book about facial recognition false positives
Live and direct | Linux Audio Conference, Graz, Austria
A Theremin inspired audiovisual instrument | Presentation/Artists Talk, Taipei, Taiwan
Following a bird's perspective | Projection on carpet, Group show Alrededor es imposible curated by Lorenzo Sandoval. CICUSlab, Sevilla, Spain
Following a bird's perspective | Projection on carpet, Group show Alrededor es imposible curated by Lorenzo Sandoval. La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain
Der Über-Blick | Group show Mediale Lebens(t)räume curated by Herbert Lachmayer; Kulturforum Haus Dacheröden, Erfurt, Germany
Satellite Zodiac | laser projection/installation, Group show Haus am Horn Weimar, Germany; General Store Contemporary, Sydney, Australia;
Kurztheaterspektakel Jena | a/v performance with THE! (Tommy Neuwirth, Clemens Wegener)
Slidescapes | Photo-sideproject (ongoing)
Presentations of Satellite Zodiac at the Satellite Border Footprint Workshop with Lisa Parks @ HMKV Dortmund and the ISEA 2010 Ruhr
<insert here> | a/v performance with THE! (Tommy Neuwirth, Clemens Wegener)
Union | Group show Reflections of Tomorrow in the ancient bath in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Breakup | generative cut-up a/v installation, Pd∼con São Paulo, Brasil; marke.6, Weimar, Germany; RMIT Gallery, Melbourne and General Store Contemporary, Sydney, Australia
living, traveling, working and contemplating in Australia, Taiwan and Germany
Video-Sampler | a/v performance. With Johannes Krause
Parallelen | Exhibition Goethe Institut Sofia, Bulgaria
Canbec | multiple. You need a color printer, paper, glue and scissors, I provide the artwork
Union | Installation, Art Today Association - Center for Contemporary Art Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Der Über-Blick (The Uber/Over-View) | interactive installation / Google Earth hack, Volkspark Halle
eternal sunshine | performance environnment. With D. Hirsch, R. Kuschmann, J. Waiditschka (music). 7. Werkleitz Biennal happy believers. Halle
Panoramedia | immersive 4-channel audiovisual installation. With J. Krause (quadrophonic sound). Municipal Museum Halle
Alexanderplatz | interactive animation. Commissioned work for the Federal Ministery for Environment and Nuclear Security, Bonn Montréal anamorphosis | animation loop. Commissioned by the international airport Pierre-Elliot Trudeau Montreal.
Medienkunstrechner (Media Art Calculator) | interactive installation. Group show Schöne Arbeit (Beautiful Work)
Création [PDF] | interactive animation. Exhibition Odyssey of Light, Museum of Civilisation, Québec / Canada Science and Technology Museum Ottawa / Centre des Sciences de Montréal
Open-Circuit [PDF] | interactive video-installation. Group exhibition WISONEN, Municipal Museum Jena
Bridges to Classic | interactive installation. With R. Kuschmann. LEF - Labor für Effektforschung, Festival electric renaissance Halle
Tipp-kick Game | interactive installation. With H. Neumaier and T. Purgand Kunstrasen_2004, Volkspark Halle
Perspektive | interactive Installation. With J.-P. Tardif. Society for Arts and Technology (SAT), Montreal
Neue Nachbarn (New Neighbours) [PDF] | Concept for a video-installation. Perforated City. A project for the shrinking city Leipzig
Auf Wiedersehen. (See you again.) [PDF] | video-installation. With S. Herrmann. University Library, Halle
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Zeiger (Pointer) | Google Earth gadget (2007)
some Pure Data patches and abstractions


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Johannes Waiditschka | music
Lena Meyer | animation
Daniela Hirsch | daffke
Moritz Grünke | graphic
Bianca Koczan, Maximilien Brunon | clothes
Blender | family
David Schoch | soundtrack
Dafydd Hughes | jazz
Luc Courchesne | immersion
Ute Hörner, Mathias Antlfinger | mediator
Gabriel Shalom | movie
ExtraEnergy e.V. | mobility

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