Screen happenings


OK, make it 108%, just to be sure.

Memory Issue 1

Apple Time Machine

OK, I have an internal drive with under 300GB size. To make a backup I suddenly need 353.5 GB? Additionally in german the decimal devider is a comma, not a point.

Memory Issue 2

Apple nonsense

Apparently I need 4TB more space, it suggests me to emty the bin and delete some files on my (back then) 90GB drive.

Ill ustrator


I don't like the letter spacing in Adobe Illustrator.

Syntax Error

strange quoting

Check your quoting syntax!

Pro choice

no choice

Now that's an option.

Updating Office

event sysodisA

Microsoft Office 2008 Update doesn't understand the Message event sysodisA.

iTunes 10, now with more bugs!

iTunes 10 update breaks daap sharing

Come on Apple. Release that daap once and for all. Say goodbye to proprietary standards and stop breaking the network sharing deliberately with every iTunes release.



A few minutes of absence and you find aout 50 instances of Skype running. Adium + Skype Plugin and Skype: No love. (Update: this has been fixed)

Babel versions

GPSBabel versions dialog

Some versions just can't work together.

What should I do?

Windows closes Micro$oft program for security. Data Execution Prevention

Windows wisely closes that program by the Microsoft Corporation for security.
Seen on a public info-terminal in Melbourne CBD.

Where should I go?

Bluescreen at Luton airport

Lucky enough the colour scheme of the info screen goes nicely with the windows bluescreen of death. Or was that a whise decision by the designer?
Seen by MG at the Airport in Luton, GB.

Hiding your inactive notifications

the systray at frankfurt airport

Thanks for hiding those notifications in the systray, windows. At the security check in Frankfurt/Main airport.

Clean my desktop, wizard!

desktop cleanup wizard systray message at frankfurt airport

Clean desktops are most important for digital signage. Another Windows fail at Frankfurt/Main airport.

Boot scramble

boot wheel

Something fucked up while booting.

Mixed Preference

transparent preferences

Yay! Transparencies!

Apple Menu

Apple Menu Quicktime

Quick Time maybe?

Sibelius is having strange questions

Sibelius 6: Don't say this again

Don't say this ever again. This one comes from @dafydd61, thanks!

ATM is being patched

is not a valid Win32 application

Kind of scary to know that the ATM runs on windows.

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